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Get a quickly view to the Bitcoin value of more then 150 currencies with Bitcoins.Watch !

Get live exchange rates for 163 currencies with our real time currency conversion and calculate any amount into Bitcoin by using our calculator. Bitcoins Watch offers a great value to keep an eye with the Bitcoin value to any amount you choose in any world wide currency.

The following main currencies are supported:
(AUD) Australian Dollar, (BGN) Bulgarian Lev, (BRL) Brazilian Real, (CAD) Canadian Dollar, (CHF) Swiss Franc, (CNY) Chinese Yuan, (CZK) Czech Koruna, (DKK) Danish Krone, (GBP) Pound Sterling, (HKD) Hong Kong Dollar, (HRK) Croatian Kuna, (HUF) Hungarian Forint, (IDR) Indonesian Rupiah, (ILS) New Israeli Shekel, (INR) Indian Rupee, (JPY) Japanese Yen, (KRW) Korean Won, (MXN) Mexican Peso, (MYR) Malaysian Ringgit, (NOK) Norwegian Krone, (NZD) New Zealand Dollar, (PHP) Philippine Peso, (PLN) Polish Zloty, (RON) Romanian Leu, (RUB) Russian Ruble, (SEK) Swedish Krona, (SGD) Singapore Dollar, (THB) Thai Baht, (TRY) Turkish Lira, (ZAR) South African Rand, (EUR) Euro, (USD) US Dollar and 130 currencies more are available for our real time Bitcoin currency conversion!
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